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Offender Corrections Alternatives

Our 35-Year Track Record

Over the years, the American Community Corrections Institute has trained and worked with hundreds of talented instructors. We have pioneered and introduced many innovative group techniques. We were one of the first to introduce cognitive restructuring into our programs. From cover to cover, ACCI's workbooks bring new, unique and fresh material to an old stale traditional counseling field. ACCI uses true-to-life historical non-fiction, and other techniques to access the right brain, enhance learning and bring life to the material.

ACCI Objectives

1. Reduce recidivism rates.

2. Help offenders over come self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

3. Empower people to find their own solutions and avoid criminal behavior.

Proven Effectiveness

Today, because of new science and techniques, our current workbooks are three to four times more effective than our early life skills workbooks. While most life skills providers are still rooted in the old methods of the 1970s and 80s, we have embraced the new psychological systems that have proven to change faulty thinking errors and overcome self -defeating behaviors. Given our evidence-based research, we can guarantee that our cognitive restructuring materials can drastically reduce your current recidivism rate.

You Have Options

ACCI offers several options when using its workbooks. Currently ACCI has 31 separate workbooks. 7 are group adult workbooks, 13 are Home Study, and 12 are for youth. They are written at the sixth to seventh grade level for all  socioeconomic groups. The more criminalized or dysfunctional a person is the greater the potential for change. Cognitive restructuring by its very nature intervenes where it is needed most.

Workbooks are designed for the incarcerated and not incarcerated, youth and adults, domestic and international, courts, probation and parole, prisons, jails, day centers, drug courts, prosecution, child and family services, schools or any other agency requiring a change in thinking. There is no human behavior problem, except serious mental illness, that can't be addressed by one of ACCI's workbooks.

What Are Your Needs?

What is currently working for your organization? Do you trust your current counseling programs to effectively change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and drastically reduce recidivism rates? Are you effectively addressing the core criminogenic needs of your offender population? Are you using best practices to help you find the best and compare it with the rest?

What are you looking for? There is only one question you need to ask! Which program will be most effective in changing criminal thinking? WE CAN NEVER CHANGE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR WITHOUT FIRST CHANGING CRIMINAL THINKING!


If ACCI has found a method/curriculum that time and again, under any circumstance, can successfully intervene and challenge faulty thinking errors, then the benefits would be enormous. If just 2% of the states' criminal population did not repeat that would be a savings of millions of dollars. In every location that we have conducted ACCI programs we have consistenly reduced thier current recidivism rates by at least 30%. Why? Because many people caught up in the criminal justice system are tired of their unproductive lives. If exposed to correct curriculum that taught effective cognitive skills, they would make permanent changes. In the end people are like metal springs. The more you push the more they resist. You can invite people to change but you can't force it. According to latest research, those programs that focus on punishment are less likely to reduce recidivism rates compared to those programs that intervene and address core criminogenic needs.


We guarantee all our workbooks, and will even pay return postage if for any reason they are returned. We also promise that our workbooks are the best in the world, three to four times more effective than anything you are currently using. They can do what we say they can do. You will be amazed at the results the very first time you use our materials.