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I feel this is an excellent program. As a survivor of a dysfunctional home, it was very interesting to see the steps I took to change my life were the same steps covered in this program. I hope to be a "blocker." So many could benefit from a program like this. A version of this program could be added in public schools. So many children would benefit who otherwise, would never get this information until it was too late.
Male, age 46, ACCI Coach, New Directions Offender Corrections


ACCI provides the following training options that accommodate different budget constraints and which support end users in utilizing our cognitive life skills curriculum and programs.

Self-Help Training

Self-Help Training

This is an economical option for agencies that already have a skilled facilitator on board and simply want to become familiar with ACCI group courses and prepare group session plans. It is highly recommended that group facilitators purchase the FWS (Facilitator Workbook Supplement) that corresponds with each group course. We also offer a completeTraining Kit which includes a Master Facilitator Guide, group activities, a DVD and other group supplements. 

Home Study Training

Home Study Training

The Home Study Training can be offered at no cost to community corrections agencies, courts, and other referring agencies. This training empowers each officer or judge to follow evidence-based practices by becoming more intervention oriented and by utilizing research driven cognitive life skills curriculum. Each participant will be given his/her own free Lifeskills account - a web-based referral system.

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Self-Directed In House Training

Running the Home Study Program in-house offers agencies needed flexibility and lowers the cost to offenders significantly. Instead of referring offenders to ACCI, we train and prepare your agency to operate this program internally. Learn more.

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ACCI Facilitator Training

Becoming a certified ACCI Facilitator is not mandatory but is recommended. The process for becoming certified takes about 2 months and includes the following requirements:

  • Participate in Arbinger Primer training. Learn more about Arbinger
  • Read the Master Facilitator Guide and watch accompanying training video.
  • Study the Facilitator Workbook Supplement
  • Obtain 30 hours of group facilitation using one of ACCI's group courses.
  • Your immediate supervisor must sign off on the ACCI Facilitator application.
  • Completed application must be mailed to us together with student evaluations and verification of successful completion of Arbinger online course.

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Corrections and Treatment Intervention Training

ACCI is an authorized provider of Arbinger Training for correctional professionals. This is by far the most powerful training available to increase safety and reduce recidivism. The main emphasis of the training is to help participants learn how self-deception is compromising safety and results and become empowered to discover ways of overcoming it.

Several training packages are available, ranging from a 2 hour training to a full 2 day seminar. Contact us for details.