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I wish I had done this workbook under different circumstances. I am very impressed. Outstanding course! I learned a lot about myself and others. I have always been small for my age and let bullies "get my dander up." That's what happened this time. I believe I am now equipped to handle any situation. Thank you.
Male, age 63, Disorderly Conduct, New Directions Offender Corrections

Benefits of Home Study


LEAST INTRUSIVE AND LESS COSTLY: Why require offenders to attend time consuming, expensive group counseling that fewer complete and is not effective anyway, when an evidence based, best proactive, better solution exists. The proof is in the results.

TRANSPORTAION: Many people caught up in the judicial system lack appropriate transportation. The home study approach is more convenient, safe, and has a higher completion rate. If they have a mailing address, they can participate.

GROUPS: Groups are largely ineffective and often counterproductive. Even with the best instructor’s noise, inattention, and loss of control are increasing problems. Also, brining like offenders together often results in increased criminal activity. Attend a class incognito and see for yourself.

INSTRUCTORS: Some instructors conducting criminal groups are worn out bored and are using ineffective, outdated counseling material. As a result, many classes turn into unstructured gripe or bull sessions. Just talk to participants.

CURRICULUM: Current life skills counseling materials are old and outdated, having been reworked from curriculum written in the 70’s and 80’s. The result is that they are ineffective with today’s criminals. The result is continued high recidivism rates.

COACHES: Home study participants choose their own coaches, usually a friend or relative. As a result they go deeper into cognitive process in the privacy of their home with a trusted coach than they would in a group setting. Coaches and others in the household are also helped. See evaluation.

RETENTION: Participants who go through the home study workbook page by page absorb much more than they would in a group setting. Each workbook is hand graded and checked for completeness. Review a finished workbook.

CHALLENGES: Many offenders have learning disabilities and find group setting difficult and embarrassing. Using a trusted coach alleviates this problem because the coach rereads, discusses, and explains what the offender can’t understand. See coaches’ evaluations.

ATTITUDE: According to the many officers who refer offenders, there is a noticeable and significant change in the attitude and behavior of those who complete the home study program. Talk with Mike Durso a parole officer in Mesa, Arizona (408-615-5324) or Halle Biery a probation officer in Harrison County, Texas (903-923-4016).

SUCCESS: Everyone wants to be part of a winning team; those who work in the judicial system are no exception. Although many are skeptical in the beginning, they soon see the positive results of the home study approach in the life-changing attitudes and behaviors of their offenders. Talk with courts, probation and parole officers.

OFFENDERS: Offenders typically suffer from Thinking errors that drive negative Feelings and Emotions. These result in negative Attitudes, Behaviors, and consequences in their lives. The formula: T = F = E = A = B = C is a basic human law that dictates the success or failure of a person’s life. Change one offender and you affect many others.

RESULTS: Everywhere ACCI’s workbooks are used, there is a significant drop in recidivism rates, proving that criminal thinking can be successfully challenged. Many will make permanent changes in their lives. See evidence based study.