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Before reading this workbook, I had already been through similar counseling. I was aware of many topics present in this book. I did, however, learn a significant amount more about how to take care of myself so I may better take care of others. Thank you.
Male, age 35, Disorderly Conduct, New Directions Anger Management

Self-Directed In-House

ACCI has developed a unique opportunity for agencies to utilize our evidence-based home study curriculum and/or program in house. The cost for offenders is substantially less and agencies can control and customize the home study program to best fit their needs. Choose from the following options:

Home Study Option

  • Allows courts and community correction agencies to duplicate ACCI's Home Study Program
  • Easy to administer; No facilitator required
  • Ideal for agencies with large percentages of offenders that live in rural areas
  • No travel required
  • Least costly and least intrusive approach to reducing recidivism

This option comes with a simple to use software solution, which significantly decreases the workload associated with operating this program. ACCI has developed a customized software solution called Lifeskills Link. Agencies and their staff would have access to their own web based referral system. Learn more about Lifeskills Link.

Hybrid Option

  • Combines both self-directed learning and facilitator led instruction
  • Ideal for Day Reporting Centers, Reentry Programs or high risk offenders
  • Facilitators spend less time teaching and more time facilitating
  • This option provides many viable customizations to adjust the level of intensity

Group Faciliation Option 

  • ACCI's home study curriculum is topic specific and targets specific risk factors
  • Ideal for residential or treatment centers
  • Several training options are available for facilitators to get the most out of our curriculum: Learn more about becoming an ACCI Certified Facilitator

SDIH Options

Here are some examples of how the Self-Directed In-House Program is currently being used:

Juvenile County Probation Department in the State of Illinois
This county probation department had a difficult time in bringing juvenile offenders into group settings. Transportation, scheduling and other factors impeded the attendance of their existing groups. They decided to bring parents and juvenile probationers together for an orientation and then send them home with their respective cognitive life skills workbook.

Juvenile County Probation in Northern Texas
This agency decided that they could increase the amount of accountability and program fidelity by having their high-risk juvenile offenders use our curriculum at home with a parent or care giver and report back in a weekly group setting.

Municipal Court in Northern Nevada
This court serves a high volume of misdemeanor offenders, and the ACCI Home Study option gave them a way to ensure that their offenders were receiving a cognitive life skills intervention as well as fulfilling other court sanctions and requirements. Bringing this program in-house gave them much more flexibility to meet specific logistical needs.

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