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As a coach, I actually learned a few things about how to handle stress and depression. We have had quite a few discussions about many of the issues covered in this workbook. We will both truly benefit from this experience.
Female, age 38, ACCI Coach, New Directions Anger Management

Lifeskills Link

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Lifeskills Link is a user friendly web based referral system that is offered to community correction agencies and other contracted providers. Users can create an account to refer an offender to one of our evidence-based cognitive lifeskills courses. Users can also log back in as often as needed to track the progress of their offender's and download reports for their hard files. The increased collaboration between correctional agencies and ACCI will help in the following ways:

1. Increase completion rates
2. Increase offender accountability
3. Lower recidivism rates
4. Follow EBP by leveraging technology to increase efficiency
5. Provide agencies and judicial users with web-based tools
6. Increase communication between ACCI and officers/courts

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Here are some key features:

1. Optional email or text msg. notifications for offenders and judicial users
2. 15-20 points of contact with each referral
3. Secure and encrypted online data
4. User friendly referral, tracking, and reporting tools
5. 24/7 web based access

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Here are the main ways that courts, probation & parole departments have used the Home Study Program to help achieve their objectives:

Diversion -- Some offenders may not need to be put on probation.

Sanction -- This requires getting the courts to support the program. In many cases courts will accept a completion certificate from our Home Study Program to fullfill certain requirements for various conditions.

Alternative Sanction -- When offenders re-violate while on probation or parole, instead of taking them back to court or jail, officers are having them take one of our courses.

Early Termination -- For offenders who are reporting successfully, officers have them take one of our courses to demonstrate to the court that the offender is ready to be released from formal supervision.