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Although the workbook was long, if you really read and take what the book tells you, you will want to change the way you drive. Not only is this about driving, but ways to improve yourself as a person. I am glad that I did this workbook. I learned some new and helpful things.
Male, age 21, Speeding, New Directions Driver Responsibility

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Offender Corrections

Item # W112

ACCI'S home study workbooks are based on cognitive restructuring. They are effective with all individuals, whether   a first time or multiple offender. The New Directions Offender Corrections Lifeskills Course is for all adult criminal   offenders. For ages 12 to 18, see Youth/Parent (W134). Also available in Spanish, see Offender Corrections in Spanish (W 115)

Theft                                   Trespassing      

False information                Fraud    

Disorderly conduct              Assault            

Probation violation              All others  


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