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This workbook has taught me self respect and respect for others. It has also taught me that I, and only I, am responsible for my actions and outcomes in life. I can now stop and think before I act. It has also enlightened me on anger, discipline, and substance abuse.
Male, age 17, Shoplifting, New Beginnings Youth/ Parent

ACCI Curriculum

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W 137

The New Beginnings Youth Self-Awareness Home Study Course was designed to be completed with a parent or guardian. Like all ACCI home study workbooks, this workbook can also be used in groups or as a hybrid group and home study. It focuses on helping youth overcome faulty thinking errors. It is 48 pages within seven units.

* Fear/worry                  * Self- centeredness

* Self- esteem               * Growth/decay

* Consequences            * Responsibility

* Ambition/education     * Respecting authority

* Peer pressure


Sample Page

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