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My feelings about this workbook are very good. I just wish that our schools could teach a class like this because there are a lot of broken homes out there and these children are not being taught right from wrong. So as you get through school, there should be programs like this taught. At least, it should be a law that everyone should take a course like this.
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Substance Abuse

W 138

The New Beginnings Substance Abuse Home Study Course was designed to be completed with a parent or guardian. This workbook focuses on the root causes of substance abuse, that is self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. This workbook teaches cognitive skills that counter chemical addictions. It is 48 pages within seven units.

• Addictive cycles             • Peer pressure

• Mind/body                      • Faulty thinking

• Emotional needs            • Choices

• Decay/growth                 • Users

• Responsibility

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